Since the inception of Balán Realty ten years ago, property rights have been Balán Realty’s single focus. The task of this company is to help, and provide the prosperity of being able to purchase real estate in The United States of America, and abroad. In each transaction, the highest ethical standards will be in use to execute every transaction that Balán Realty enters into.

Kirenia can do this since she has ten years’ knowledge of executing real estate transaction experience in Real Estate in South Florida, since she has been licensed to perform real estate contracts in the brokerage field. The duty of Balán Real Estate Brokerage is to deliver excellence for clients making inquiries in leasing, buying, selling, and land development Real Estate Services in South Florida, and abroad.


Mr. and Mrs. Balán based in Miami, Florida, created Balán Realty ten years ago. We always wanted to start, and own our own business. This is because, in our country of origin, Cuba, the government did not allow anyone to own a business or own real estate. We wanted to create a business for our family and more generations to come.

Our company logo design is to portray a Bald Eagle, protecting property rights in The United States of America. The Sun represents the Sunshine State, or better known as the stunning State of Florida. The Eagle is flying over Miami, holding a set of golden keys in its claws, to protect the gates to our city, protecting property rights. At our company, it is important to know where we come from, where we stand, and what future Balán Realty will build. This logo represents the toughness, value, status, and prestigious entrepreneur that Mr. Balán’s grandfather, represented in Cuba.


Our mission is to deliver every client with an excellent experience for Real Estate transactions in South Florida. Whether buying, selling or leasing, our unparalleled service, classy sales strategies and unique expertise makes Balán Realty, the right choice for your investment. Keeping with our mission, each accomplished, well-connected Balán Realtors associate takes unlimited gratification at their work relationships, reliability and confidentiality, which is the key of our business’s beliefs in doing the right thing for all people in the transaction. We are equipped to aid our clients in selling or buying homes in Miami- Dade County, Broward and Palm Beach County. We know what property rights means to you, and we will share our experience and professionalism in the real estate field with you.

Our staff has acquired vast knowledge in exploiting the latest technology available to analyze the demographics, market conditions, and intrinsic value of a property. Our broker will make the most of Multiple Listing Services to help our client find their dream residential property. Balán Realty’s representatives will carry out the due diligence to execute the complex negotiations with lenders, required to execute Real Estate Owned and Short Sale deals. Our researchers will make use of Costar to search for properties for sale in residential, commercial, industrial, and raw land real estate sectors. Our investigators will utilize Site to do Business to review the demographics and areas of need in commercial real estate activities in the targeted markets found from Costar. With this information, our investigators will conduct comparative market analysis to determine which real estate market has the most need for the client’s interest.

Our valuation experts will utilize Argus to value multiple sites, and calculate intrinsic property value using projected net income using discount cash flow analysis.

Balán Realty has ten years of experience in the magnificent State of Florida. Broker, Kirenia has not only experience in the residential field, but also has developed expertise in the commercial and industrial sector of the real estate market. She has earned a Master Degree, from Florida International University that focused on Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and International Real Estate. Techniques that were taught were to help hedge the value of assets that are located domestically, as well as, to hedge the value and currency exchange risk of having asset abroad.

Trusted with more than a decade in the market with no complains and also survived the financial crisis in the U.S. Yes! We were able to keep moving forward helping clientele at a local and international level. Ten years doing real estate in South Florida, each client of Balán Realty has been satisfied with the results of the transaction entered into. Clients are very pleased, every time that a transaction is closed because of the ethical and professionalism of our staff. We have the right tools and skills that you need, to help you in your investments.

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